The Zodiac Sign With the Greatest Personality

Some folks have a big flashing "look at me" sign on their forehead. Their energy permeates the room whether they're laughing or discussing current issues.


Scorpio, known for being gloomy and elusive, has one of the biggest personalities. "Scorpio isn't a loud, 'look at me' sign, but they have a serious presence.


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Aquarius values originality. They love being different and following their own path."It's hard not to notice their idiosyncrasies and unorthodox methods of operating.


Gemini vibrations are hard to match. They are popular, social, and will definitely keep you on your toes. MacLean believes the twins sign has "XXL" energy for two (or more!) personalities.


Big Bang incarnate" is how Maclean defines Aries. They come out firing. They're invincible and self-aware.

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Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, rules Sagittarius, thus they're always big-hearted. 


Leo is the zodiac sign with the most personality since they love to perform. They crave attention and will kill you if you try to steal it.


Marquardt thinks Geminis have enormous personalities since they're the zodiac's chameleons. They always impress.

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