Do Not Get Along

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Some people we never get along with. Everyone has people they instantly like and build a bond with, as well as those they continually argue with and fight with.

When two stubborn zodiac signs fight, what happens? They don't compromise or understand each other well.

Taurus, Aries




Taurus is possessive of people and things, while Aquarius is independent. Taurus requires reassurances whereas Aquarians don't like talking about sentiments or following regulations.

Taurus, Aquarius

Geminis are more spontaneous and unpredictable, while Virgos tend to be ordered and in charge. Geminis' charisma can make Virgos suspicious.


Cancers' emotional sensitivity might be problematic around abrasive Aries. These two often fight violently. Aries may not have the time or energy to comfort Cancers.

Cancer, Aries

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Both signs are sensible yet don't understand each other. Virgos dislike being bossed by Leo. Leo irritates Virgo till they burst.

Leo and Virgo

Because they don't trust each other and don't understand each other's behavior, these two indicators can clash in romantic or professional relationships.

Sagittarius, Virgo

Libras hate fighting unless they feel wronged. Scorpios love fighting. Scorpios trying to provoke Libra enrages them. Scorpios will pester Libra until they get drama.

Libra, Scorpio

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