Poor Mood

Zodiac Sign's 

How do you handle unpleasant moods? Do you withdraw or lash out at loved ones? We all handle bad moods differently.

Aries is self-centered, impetuous, demanding, and irresponsible when they're upset. Asking a grumpy Aries to manage a financial or emotional problem may be disastrous.





Tauruses' poor moods merely intensify their personalities. They become obstinate, indulgent, and sluggish. Let them indulge in their foul mood.


If you want common sense or decent advise from a Gemini, wait till they're not restless, preoccupied, and judgemental.


Cancers withdraw and isolate when upset. When their barriers are down, they're hypersensitive. You misread a phrase and they fall emotionally.


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If a Leo is upset, they'll take any attention and turn into a drama queen. They grow haughtier and play "Go away, come closer" till you want to scream.


When unhappy, Virgos might preach and tell you what's wrong. Despite your flaws, they'll simply feel sorry for themselves.


Libra may control you when they're upset. They seem to feel more in control when they're manipulating.


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