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Astrologers use the zodiac for various things, including love. The zodiac can assist in boyfriend selection. Discover your ideal boyfriend.

You win all board and card games, take chances, and have a short attention span.





You're cool with nerds staying in and chilling. They're smart, grateful, and hot in glasses.


Gemini, your ideal boyfriend is like you—two persons. He's a sweetheart despite his arrogance. You like a man who keeps you entertained.


You need a delicate, caring boyfriend to protect your heart. When he says he won't injure you, he means it.


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You crave attention, so you need someone who won't steal it from you. Most relationships can't take two stars, therefore your best boyfriend is one who watches from the crowd and lets you shine.


You're analytical, hypercritical, and tense. You need someone who can help you relax and try new things sexually. You need a lover who's comfortable with his feminine side.


Charming and gregarious, you need a boyfriend who can keep up. Others call you a "fun couple."


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