Zodiac Sign's Dating Sin


You alter him. You like challenges and don't like routine. The difficulty is that true change comes from someone understanding they can and desire to improve themselves.


You lie about what you desire in relationships. You lie about liking no-strings relationships.


Despite your best intentions, you cheat and shatter his trust. A decent man has high standards and wants to know you're fair and on his side. If duty isn't your style, keep it to it.


You value home and family, and when you become close to someone, you attempt to tie them down too fast. One date doesn't mean you'll marry this individual. 



You love attention, so it's no wonder that you generate drama instead of memories. Men like low-key situations and avoid drama. Life has enough drama and turmoil.


You're great at revealing your partner's weaknesses. That makes them run away, not toward you. Stop trapping them in their problems and don't always read between the lines.


It's wonderful how you constantly accept your ex's claims of change. People change, but selfish, immature, cheating types don't—they merely hide their bad traits.


When someone turns out to be faulty, you lose interest. When the relationship becomes real, you tend to back away, unwilling to put in the work needed to make it work.


You're so hopeful that you ignore his disinterest or relationship problems. You justify his absence of flowers and wine. Sometimes it's wiser to admit defeat.


To preserve your partner's ego, you minimize the result, causing relationship friction. You should be proud of your feats and urge him to strive harder on his own.


You thank creative people, yet they may be psychologically sick or damaged. You can dismiss their awful do as drive, but then you realize they have flaws you can't fix.


You're a hopeless romantic who falls hard and quickly without understanding the argument. When reality hits, you're saddened and escape to your dream world. 

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