Zodiac Signs and the Perfect Summertime Drink

Since Aries is bold, the Bloody Mary is too. Astrologers associate this zodiac sign with blood and Mars, the "red" planet. 

Aries: Bloody Mary

Taurus: Margarita

auruses love shore days and pool days. They're decadent, so Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville" may resonate with them.


Gemini: Winespritzer

Wine spritzers are bubbly, like Geminis. "A wine spritzer reminds us of Gemini's personality—never too heavy or intense," she adds.

Astrologers link Cancer with home and kindness. "In New England, the pineapple is considered a sign of welcome. 

Cancer: Pina Colada

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Leo: Mint Julep

"Leos love drama, and perhaps no American drink comes with more colour than the mint julep

Libra: Gin&Tonic

Libras are classy like this summery favourite. "Cool and clean, with the perfect balance of crispness and sweetness, gin and tonic dates back to the 16th century. 

Scorpio: Hurricane

Try a fruity rum drink for Scorpio, the most ardent zodiac sign. Hurricanes combine "light and dark rum, along with the syrup of the passionfruit.

Pisces: Mojito

Made with lime juice, soda water, sugar, and fresh mint, the mojito is light, sweet, and enjoyable, like many concoctions.

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