Based on Your Zodiac Sign, Your Love Language

Romantic expressions vary. Some give extravagant gifts, others embrace. The five love languages—acts of service, physical contact, quality time, receiving gifts, and words of affirmation—describe


Aries exhibit their affection. You give your mates gifts, passion, and lovely messages as a fiery fire sign.


Taurus has a lovely side despite their stubbornness in relationships. You'll spend a lot on a loved one's anniversary or birthday celebration since you enjoy mushy and romantic stuff. 


Ultra-social Geminis are curious and fun in relationships. Your spouse will never question what you think since communication is the key to connecting. 


Cancers hide their true feelings while dating. You might be one of the most kind and compassionate zodiac signs if you open out.


Extroverted Leos do everything big, even love. You're confident and flirtatious, but when you fall in love, you'll want to show off your spouse.


Virgos are known as perfectionists, yet in love, you open yourself. "Virgos are in touch with their emotions, even if they struggle to display it," explains astrologer Hannah Pierce.


Dreamy Venus—planet— romance's Libras love loyally. You want to make people happy and show you care about their thoughts and preferences.


Scorpio, you're a sensitive water sign with a secretive exterior. You're intense and passionate when you allow a romantic partner in. 


Sagittarius is unusual in partnerships. "This is an independent indication, so if they wish to invite you along on their trips, you know there is love," adds Lundquist.

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