Zodiac Sex Fantasy


Aries love bringing their bossy attitude to bed. Aries only appreciates being dominating and submissive during sex.


Tauruses love to eat in bed. Food play is fun and erotic.



Geminis are receptive to roleplaying since they will try everything once in sex. You won't be humiliated, so you'll attempt the clothing, accent, and characters. 


Bondage is Cancer's sexiest. Intimately tying your spouse or being bound helps keep sex passionate. Bondage is stimulating during foreplay or intercourse.


Leo loves attention, especially during sex, thus being busy in public arouses them. This dream is hotter since you can do it in an uncommon spot and risk getting caught.


Virgo may wow their spouse with oral sex in the sexy sixty-nine position. He ravishes you as you show him your stuff.


Threesomes are fun since you don't need a partner. Whether you invite friends or a stranger to join you and your spouse, a threesome means double the attention and enjoyment. 


Scorpios are the freakiest, so discovering a new dream might be difficult. Double penetration will blow your head.


You like people getting off on you and your lover, whether you make sex tapes, snap photos, or talk online. This imagination should be enormous. 


You love ball gags, handcuffs, and being tied up. For optimum stimulation, add roleplay or sex toys but focus on having no control. Enjoy your partner's care and using fewer senses.


Aquarius likes to experiment and fulfill their sexual dreams. You can fantasize about your gorgeous butt and anal. You'll probably suggest anal play your spouse initially if you're liberal.


Swinging with another couple is a good option for you. You have fun with your companion and attempt something new and intriguing. 

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