Zodiac Holiday Celebrations


This Christmas season, you prioritize having fun. If you haven't begun party yet, you're probably filling your diary with the hottest party details in December, with so many cause for joy.


When the holidays arrive, you probably lounge on the sofa for a few weeks while everyone else hustles to prepare for family and friends to visit. 


If Gemini doesn't travel for the holidays, they've always wanted to try something new for a week. You may be fantasizing about escaping the holiday stress.



You love the holidays and don't want to leave anything to the last minute.  Because you know the drill and don't want to buy more cover-up to disguise the acne stress is causing you.


This year, Leo will be singing holiday songs and preparing to go caroling with pals. Yes, you may start playing your Christmas music before Thanksgiving.


Virgo, slow down, sip some eggnog, and delegate tasks—you're the boss! For once, remind everyone who's in control. You may rest while others worry.


Volunteering at a shelter, feeding the homeless, or organizing a gift drive helps your community. You want to cheer up those who don't enjoy this time of year. 


You'll definitely get laid at the yearly Christmas party but you also like smooching beneath the mistletoe. Scorpios love holidays and would celebrate them all if they could!


From Thanksgiving until New Year's Eve, you'll be in the festive mood with your girls. This season, you merely want to have fun.


You spent a lot of time buying the ideal gifts for your family and can't wait to bond around the fireplace for a week. This season is your favorite method to refresh for the new year.


Even though you love receiving presents and eating Christmas cookies, you find that looking forward helps you stay cheerful. You look forward to a fresh start in the New Year. 


Thanksgiving to start your holiday to-do list, you're probably finishing it now. You just want to construct a gingerbread house and wear your favorite ugly sweater for a week.

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