Zodiac experts share your lucky digits

Aries' childlike charm attracts luck, and since their ruling planet is Mars, which is tied to the number 5, and their tarot card number 4 is the Emperor.


Taurus 2–12–35 

Tauruses believe in taking their time and not racing to the end. Venus rules their number 7. The Hierophant, ruled by Venus, is their Tarot number 5. 


Gemini 14–66–88

Geminis are uncertain and may bet against themselves! Tarot card 6 is the Lovers. Mercury—the chatty star—rules them. 

Cancers isolate. They are ruled by the Moon and favour nighttime and shadows to midday's bright lights, making nighttime their best time!.

Cancer 7–9–63 

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Leo - 48, 68, 86

Leos hate losing. Their Tarot Major Arcana card is Strength, linked to the number 8, and their lord is the Sun, linked to the number 6. 

Virgo-72, 89, 98

Virgos like trends, not fate. Thus, their Tarot card is the wary Hermit, number 9. Mercury, associated with 8, affects planets.

Scorpio 10–13–100

Scorpios are the most mysterious of the zodiac. Pluto's number is 0, so they can play with 100's and 10's.

Pisces 16–20–36

Pisces are the go-to sign for heartfelt expression. Moon and 18 are their Tarot images. Number 2 Neptune manages their urges. Add 20, minus 16, times 36.

Best Horoscope Games For Each Zodiac Signs

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