Your Zodiac

Pizza tastes vary. Whether you like NYC-style pizza, Chicago deep dish, or gourmet pizza, your flavours reveal a lot about you. 

Aries: Supreme Pizza

Aries, you love life. You're relentless and passionate. Nothing is impossible with quick thoughts and resolve. Thus, your favourite pizza should have everything.


Taurus: Sausage Pizza

Taurus loves nicer items, but you can still enjoy a classic now and then. You're picky about pizza fixings, being a set earth sign.

Cancer loves emotional meals. Cancer likes pepperoni pizza because it reminds them of their youth, Stardust says.

cancer: pepperoni pizza

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Leo: Meat Lover Supreme

notably meat. Stardust recommends a meat lover's special pizza for Leo's ravenous appetite. "Hopefully they'll have leftovers for tomorrow."

Virgo: Veggie Pizza

"Virgos can be picky eaters," says Stardust. Still, a well-made vegan pizza with fresh garlic and basil will please them.

Libra: Spinach Artichoke Pizza

You're the scales, balancing everything. As a Venusian, you like fancy pizza. Spinach artichoke pizza's complex flavours will please you because you like fancy food.

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