Your Lover's Zodiac Sign: Honest


Honest. He's always honest. Aries are honest. He would never lie to you because he understands it betrays your confidence.



Tauruses often lie for good reasons. They would never deceive you. They would just lie to avoid controversy. 


Most Gemini guys are serial liars, so be careful. They can fool even the sharpest individuals with their lies.

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Cancers can be brutally honest. Cancer guys rarely speak, but when they do, they're honest. They always speak truthfully, even if it hurts others.

LeoAquarius, Aries

Leo males are honest and proud. Despite their arrogance, Leo men have a rigid moral code. They never want their reputations harmed.


Virgo guys are known for being truthful, so you can trust them. They will even add insight and knowledge to their truth. They speak clearly and concisely.


Beware Libras. Libra males are popular for a reason. They change to fit their friends. That's why Libra men's genuine selves are hard to spot.


Scorpio is either/or. You'll have to accept that they're always 50-50. Both liars and truth-tellers.

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