Unfaithful Female Zodiac Signs

Cheating hurts. It frequently surprises you since you never believed your lover could do such a thing. Survivors would never wish it on their greatest enemy.

Aquarius women prefer independence over authority. As an independent woman, she fights for her beliefs.



Sagittarians are extroverts, naturally witty, and brilliant conversationalists. That sounds great, but charm and likability draw attention. That attention might occasionally backfire.


Geminis are smart, adaptable, and gossipers. Gemini ladies change personalities depending on who they're meeting. 

Scorpios are rarely sympathetic, compassionate, or empathic. We first thought that. The external shell concealed many of the qualities we described.


Escapists are Pisces. When things get too much, people run away from their troubles. They may make rash judgments based on their fairy-tale worldview, which might lead  a Pisces woman straying.




Librans are midway on our list of unfaithful female zodiac signs. Librans love gold. They must have what looks nice. These attractive perfectionists want everything fancy, even their friends.


This zodiac sign cheating list continues. Leos follow. Leos are determined go-getters who know what they want.


A zodiac sign that represents the lone spirit has a negative relationship reputation.

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