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Aries are brave, so why not try a short cut this summer? Alexa Demie and Jennifer Lawrence love this chic look, which would suit the honest and hopeful Aries. 

Aries: Pixie Cut

Taurus is reliable, useful, and steady. The paw clip bun symbolises their dependability. This shape is ideal for a driven Taurus. 

Taurus: Claw Clip Bun




Geminis are charming and gregarious. Bubble braids are ideal for this fun-loving air sign. The hairdo adds flair and fun to any outfit. 

Gemini: Bubble Braids

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Cancers are kind and loyal. Cancers are welcoming, soothing, and sympathetic, making baby braids a great hairstyle.

Cancer: Baby Braids

Virgos love this sleek hairdo. Like this industrious earth sign, the chic bun is practical and chic.

Virgo: Sleek Bun

Fishtail braids suit the calm Libra. Like Blake Lively, plait the braid into a long ponytail. 

Libra: Fishtail Braids

This playful hairdo would suit the giving, enthusiastic, and hopeful Sagittarius. For a casual midday look, leave the pigtails alone or add fun clips.

Sagittarius: Baby Pigtails

This adorable style suits Capricorns, who are autonomous and traditional. Pigtails, like Capricorns, are basic but reliable and elegant. 

Capricorn:High Pigtails

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