Top Zodiac Talkers

Long-winded folks talk. These people have a lot to say and will talk until someone stops them. Their zodiac sign makes them talkative.


Scorpios like to listen because they want to learn. While everyone speaks, they mentally take notes. They don't care if the knowledge is useless.

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Conversational Capricorns struggle. Writers outperform speakers. They also dislike meaningless chats because they waste time.


Cancers are quiet. Their thoughts are private. They don't express their feelings, especially to untrusted people. Cancers take time to trust.


Taureans are not good conversationalists. They dislike small conversation and lame jokes. They may talk if you have more serious topics.

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Mercury rules this sign's natives. Virgos are continually thinking. This causes worry and self-doubt. Due of these, they often lack the bravery to speak up.


Librans are wordsmiths. They're great talkers. They also listen. Librans know when to let others speak. Librans are the zodiac's best negotiators.

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Air signs like Aquarius need attention. They don't fear the podium and perform well. Aquarians are great organizers. Despite seeming like a lecture, they're stunning in private chats.


Leos are outspoken because they love attention. Conversation highlights their dramatic and flamboyant demeanor. Leos are showy, including in conversation.

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