The Most Forgiving Zodiac Sign

Some people can't stay mad and will never hold a grudge, for better or worse. Discover the most merciful zodiac sign, from mild to extreme.


Cancers don't like fighting, especially with people they care about. If you caused a problem or aren't essential, they may hold a grudge, but they usually start a truce.



Aquarians are distant, but this helps them to be fair and not hold grudges. "They don't like personal conflict.

Geminis are versatile socialites. This helps them empathise with all kinds of people, consider all sides of a debate, and forgive others.


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Sagittarius is optimistic and enjoys a good time so they will likely forgive you if they like you or if you can entertain or go on adventures with them," Schmidt says. 


Libra wants everyone to be happy. Schmidt says Libra is all about unity and justice and may pardon easily to keep the peace.


Pisces will forgive you if you apologise. Water signs love unconditionally and show kindness to others, even if they don't merit it.

Best Horoscope Games For Each Zodiac Signs

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