The Most Devious Zodiac Sign

Some people always have a plan and will do anything to succeed. Imagine any cartoon villain laughing and rubbing their hands as they plan a nefarious scheme.


Sagittarius is hard to define due to their love of journey and making new friends. Some may be alarmed by their impulsivity and lack of forethought.





Capricorns can appear icy and callous to strangers. Earth signs work hard and will do anything to succeed, so wary.


If someone messes with their job, Capricorns plan, but Leos get devious if someone steals their limelight. This sign craves attention.

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This air sign can easily deceive. Marquardt says Libras are cunning because they know they can persuade.


"If anyone gets in their way, they become the biggest plotter who can confront and remove a person from the stage if needed.


Scorpios, the zodiac's most cunning sign, can read people better than any other sign. Their observance lets them find someone's emotions and subtly prod them.

Best Horoscope Games For Each Zodiac Signs

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