The Dessert You Should Order According to Your Zodiac Sign

When presented with a treat menu, you probably partake. What if you knew which treat to order? Astrologers say each zodiac sign has a unique cake, cookie, or other indulgent treat.

Aries: Ice Cream

Aries is independent, driven and outspoken.That ice cream can balance out this bold Fire sign. Aries can never tire of so many tastes.




Gemini: Macarons

These sweet multi-colored French pastries have the ideal balance of crisp cookie outside and delicious filling

Cancer-Chocolate Chip Cookie

perfect for Cancer's caring nature. Cancers "excel at baking" and can bake chocolate chip cakes for their loved ones.

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Leo: Walnut Cake

Leos are ambitious leaders. They also want power. Lorena Thomas, qualified astrologer and herway writer, suggests walnut cake for dinner.

Virgo: Mint Chocolate Cake

Virgos are realistic, sensible, and health-conscious. Thus, Virgos may prefer herb-flavored desserts.

Scorpio: Dark Chocolate Cake

Scorpio has an evil side despite being loyal, stern, and bold. This water sign needs a rich dark chocolate cake.

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