The Best Fruit for You, According to Your Star Sign

 Aries: Bananas

 To be sure, it's time to be up and about. It's a new day, and that means a fresh start. You're accustomed to being the trendsetter and the trailblazer for the other zodiac signs since.

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Taurus: Peaches 

 Those born under the Earth sign are known for their patience and their appreciation for the process rather than the end result. 

 Gemini: Blueberries

 Blueberries were intended for you, Gemini; they're slightly sweet, somewhat sour, and constantly bursting with flavor. 

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 Cancer: Cherries

Nothing can compare to the warmth and compassion you provide to others, Cancer. Nevertheless, it is not all you can provide. 

 Leo: Passion Fruit

Some people may find you to be an acquired taste, while others think you're delicious. Much as the passion fruit has a strong skin and a delicious, juicy 

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