The Best Exercise for Your Zodiac Sign

weightlifting routine, whether bodybuilding or power lifting style, is an ideal workout for Aries to channel their inner warrior and exert all of their strength. 



Barre, a fitness routine inspired by ballet, is an elegant yet effective workout that Taurus would love," says our astrologer. 



Geminis are the most active and need mental stimulus. Cardinal says, "This mutable quality means that the last thing Gemini wants to do is a whole hour in one place doing one thing. 

Like the crab in its shell, Cancers are happiest at home. This sign feels strongly, so they need time to think in their comfortable place.


Best Horoscope Games For Each Zodiac Signs

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Not only is spin a great cardiovascular exercise, but some classes even include light hand-weight work for the strength training component. 


Virgo who is also an earth sign and thus very amenable to materiality, will love the challenge of moving their bodies smoothly into alignment.


Libra would thrive in a regular yoga practise—especially vinyasa yoga for its graceful flow or hatha yoga to focus on individual poses. 


Scorpios keep their own secrets while uncovering others'. Cardinal says, "Things that are too risqué for anyone else, Scorpio is going to be into it—like a pole-dancing class. 

Best Horoscope Games For Each Zodiac Signs

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