Stock-Market Visitors Visit NYC

SoftBank's listing of British microprocessor firm Arm in New York has caused the usual London angst over national loss.

Not just London. When Bloomberg announced SoftBank's new bid on Wednesday, industrial-gas major Linde LIN 3.02%increase; green up pointing triangle.

With Brexit, European financial capitals including London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Frankfurt are generally seen as competitors.

European exchange-shunning enterprises have varied situations. SoftBank purchased Arm in 2016, delisting it from the London market.

Linde grew too big for the little German market. To avoid portfolio concentration, the Dax caps stock weightings at 10%. It implies index funds and benchmark.

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The 2018 "merger of equals" between German Linde and U.S. Praxair gave Linde a U.S. listing. 

Construction major CRH announced Thursday that it planned to relocate its principal listing from the UK to the US.

The U.S. has a greater pool of capital, which increases liquidity and values in all three scenarios. Companies must choose one listing instead of two to satisfy stakeholders.

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