Saturn's Transit into Pisces' Effects on Zodiac Signs

Planets and stars are changing rapidly as spring approaches. As an astrologer, Saturn's transit into Pisces is exciting. Saturn, the planet of obligations, boundaries.


Saturn in your First House implies character growth. Self, identity, and body are your First Home. You may face events that make you question who you are and what you desire.


Saturn is departing your Eleventh House, where you focused on connecting, achieving your objectives, and sharing your vision via that Aries drive. Slow down as it enters your Twelfth House. 


Saturn enters your Eleventh House of friends, hopes, and aspirations. This is the moment to offer your abilities and connect with like-minded people.


This is a crucial period for professional progress and self-promotion. Saturn at the top of your birth chart says yes. Your hard work and dedication to your goals will be appreciated now.


Saturn is in your Ninth House of growth, which governs our values. Saturn in this House may challenge your life beliefs. You'll seek meaning and insight in new ways.


Saturn enters your Eighth House of shared finances, metamorphosis, and sexuality. Saturn makes the Eighth House heavier. Saturn encourages you to go deep into your brain and face the truth.


Saturn is in your Seventh House of one-on-one relationships. This is the House of Marriage and Business Partnerships, but it applies to family, friends, and anyone you meet often.

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