Relationship Requirements by Zodiac Sign


You, Aries, need to feel that your skills as a seducer are being put on display, much as Mars, the god of battle, needs an object to conquer.


Making a strong first impression is important, but there's more to a successful first date, Taurus. A nice date is an opportunity to show someone how much you like them when the stars align.


Gemini, you tend to treat the beginning of a relationship as a trial period. Your potential spouse should be able to show that they can easily fit into your hectic schedule. 


I don't want to generalise the general population, Cancer, but you should probably look for a date with a wider range of conversational topics than just sports, tacos, and the dog.


You need a partner in crime, Leo, who can follow your lead from dinner to drinks to a party to karaoke and beyond as your relationship develops.


You wouldn't invite someone to coffee in the hopes of hearing about how dedicated they are to their 9-to-5 job at the corporation, how much they like their spin class.


You need a guide who can take you beyond the confines of your native Libra. You need someone who can dance or hike if you want to remain in and do things like reach or watch movies on the sofa.


We all know you can spark attraction with just about anybody, Scorpio, but you want more out of a partner than simply physical chemistry in the early stages of a relationship.


At the beginning, you like putting forth the effort. In order to prove one's worth to another, one must demonstrate one's willingness to go the extra mile.


You want to know that they have never felt this way about anybody else. A person who will do everything to earn and keep your favour, even waiting around for you if necessary.


Pisces, you need to be challenged intellectually in the outset of a relationship. You're on the lookout for someone who will make an indelible impact on you. 


Aquarius, you need a doer who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty. Someone who doesn't get too carried away by the excitement of a first meeting. Who can set the tone with some common sense.

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