Astrologers' Rare and Common Zodiac Signs

When you learn more about astrology, you may find yourself Googling questions. There's plenty of information on each zodiac sign's qualities, attributes, and compatibilities.

Few zodiac signs compete for rarest and most common. Global events affect population results, therefore persistent changes are natural.

The rarest zodiac sign?

Aquarius is rarest. The CDC reports that February has the fewest births, therefore water-bearer newborns are rare. Ash believes January-February overlap.

The rarest zodiac sign's traits?

Aquarians are astrological rebels. "Co-ruled by Saturn, the planet of karma, discipline, and structure, and Uranus, the rebellious change-maker.

As they don't want to be emotionally burdened, New York-based astrologer Constance Stellas, author of Advanced Astrology for Life, believes Aquarians may value friendships more than love connections.

Aquarians are selective, although Libra, Gemini, Aries, and Sagittarius make good partners. Aquarius prefers curious, rebellious, and intriguing people.

Most prevalent zodiac sign?

The most popular zodiac sign is between Leo and Virgo. From 1994 through 2014, Virgos were the most popular sign.

Which zodiac sign is second-rarest?

Capricorn is second rarest. According to The New York Times' 1973–1999 data, winter holidays like Christmas and New Year had few births, like Aquarius.

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