Prideful Zodiac Sign Ranking

Which zodiacs are humble and which are proud? Both ends of the spectrum contain positives and cons, so landing anywhere in the middle of this list is probably best.


Geminis want attention but don't need it. Geminis value hard work. Geminis excel at creating but struggle with self-promotion.



Pisces are humble and put others first. Pisces recognizes their worth and doesn't need to prove it. They believe "have more than you show, speak less than you know".


Taurus are stubborn and unwilling to change, not proud. They refuse to compromise and choose the familiar and safe.

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Aquarians are humble. They keep their triumphs and advances to themselves yet are inspired by others. Aquarius admires successful people, never envious.


Virgos are most impartial and put others' needs before their own. They feel compelled to support others rather than compete with them. Virgos are humble and moral.


Libras don't like to brag because they know they're not the best at everything. They clutch onto failures as strongly as successes.


Cancers recognize that everything is cyclical and have strong family origins. Today's victory will fail tomorrow.

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