Play the Zodiac Sign Board Game

Board games aren't just for kids. Every adult can enjoy a board game, from mind-bending riddles to super-strategic games. 

Aries: Risk

Aries are confident risk-takers. You play to win, whether it's getting a raise or finding love. 


Taurus: Catan

Taurus loves, not fights. You favour slow progress and personal aims over other signs' constant competition. You still like a little harmless rivalry.

Scramble is perfect for you because parties are about mingling, but you'll never pass up a chance to show off your smarts. 

Gemini: Scrabble

Best Horoscope Games For Each Zodiac Signs

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Cancer: Codenames

As the intuitive moon sign, you're good at reading other people's tactics and emotions, which will give you an edge in Codenames.

Leo: Guesstures

Leo, you're dramatic, but why not? Your spirit captivates people. Guesstures, a charades game, is a great way to entertain your friends.

Virgo: Clue

You're observant and quiet. You're Mercury-ruled like Gemini, but you're more inquisitive than social. You sneak up on everyone and win because of your keen perception.

Libra: The Game of Life

Venus, the amorous and opulent planet, rules your social life. You're neat and formal to outsiders, but you're goofy around pals.

Best Horoscope Games For Each Zodiac Signs

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