Your Zodiac Sign Reveals the Perfect Wallpaper for You



This woven pattern by Pierre Frey features dancing flames that meet a reptile texture in order to evoke wonder and promote tactile engagement. 

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 ou know how much they like lounging around. Sister Parish's palm tree print is just the thing to provide those who encourage natural self-care a style that is grounded and soothing.


 Geminis are known for their unquenchable curiosity, so they require an aesthetic that can keep up with their restless minds. 

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Cancerians, who are sensitive, tend to spend a lot of time at home, so they need wallpaper that won't drive them crazy after a few hours of staring at it. 


The theatrical flair that has made Leos renowned is often what sets them apart. 


 Despite their tendency toward pragmatism, Virgos may nevertheless surprise on occasion. This wallpaper achieves just that, appealing to Virgo's adventurous streak 

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