Most Sentimental Zodiac Sign

Despite the predictable climax, some people cry during Hallmark movies. They give gifts to everyone they know and keep the ones they receive.


Scorpios focus on everything, including the past. Leah Goldberg, a psychic and astrologer, says they're emotional because they stress over loved ones and interests.





 Aries' active and social lives help them keep in the moment.They'll be very emotional when they remember. They'll also express their emotions easily. 


Capricorns wish things would just stay the same," says Farrar. This makes them nostalgic and hinders their progress.

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Pisces are known for absorbing other people's feelings like a sponge, making them sensitive. "Pisces love deeply. Since they feel so much, they can't let go.


Cancers are the most sensitive and emotional. Cancer's moon link makes them have trouble "letting go of things they love

Best Horoscope Games For Each Zodiac Signs

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