Most Mischievous Zodiac Signs

Some cause havoc wherever they go. You probably have a friend who enjoys causing difficulties. They play pranks and make life tough for everyone. 


Librans dislike conflict. They'll never be naughty since they want everyone to get along. They like fighting, whether physical or verbal.

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Cancers are less mischievous since they are peaceful. They are frequently serious and fragile. Cancers are serious. They're compassionate.


Pisces are sensitive emotionally. This sympathetic zodiac sign is not naughty or problematic. They aim to prevent conflict and keep everyone satisfied. 


Easy-going Sag dislikes drama. Because they hate feeling overwhelmed, they avoid unneeded drama with everyone. 

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Their fury and impulsivity define Aries. They're not playful because they're always competing. Arieses can be witty in conversation. They like to provoke.


When relaxed, Capricorns are playful. Their ambition and determination prevent them from relaxing. They're wild when they let go.

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Taureans adore craziness and will go out of their way to have fun. This zodiac sign prefers chaos to control. They like insecurity and chaos. 


This sign enjoys causing trouble to observe the turmoil. They're like this because they're impulsive and adventurous. Geminis push the boundaries of mischief.

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