Most Loyal Zodiac Signs We Deserve In 2023

In a world that celebrates flings, loyalty is rare. Because some zodiac signs are responsible for preserving loyalty, faithfulness is not lacking.

Cancer is sensitive and finds love difficult. People prefer to wait for the right person rather than get their heart broken five months into a relationship.




Astrology ranks Scorpio second in loyalty. Scorpios are kinkiest, most honest, and faithful once they trust you. Scorpios get overexpressive when they like you.

Two factors make Virgo faithful. Virgos are too busy to find someone, and the notion of being discovered cheating is horrifying. They don't embrace themselves. 


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Taurus is loyal for spiritual reasons. This zodiac sign fears God the most. Taurus realize that cheating in a relationship will hurt their Karma.

Capricorns would do whatever to stay faithful, therefore they never consider betraying. Capricorns are known for their loyalty since they take obligations seriously.


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Leo needs attention to stay faithful. Leo will defend you till they catch you cheating. Leos are usually secure in their life decisions and rarely question them.

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