Astrologers' Most Inconsiderate Zodiac Sign

Some consider others, while others don't. Thoughtlessness may not be intentional, some people look self-centered. They don't like small conversation.


Aquarians think incessantly. Despite their outlandish ideas, they constantly have a new one. When they're busy and don't want to deviate, they're inconsiderate.


Sun-ruled Leos crave attention. They prioritise feeding their ego and neglect about others.
Leos' desire to shine makes it hard for them to consider others.


Virgos are practical. They adore reaching their goals and would gladly tell you if you were wrong. Schmidt says earth signs are perfectionists and may be manipulative.


Pisces are sensitive and desire people to always consider their needs, yet they may not reciprocate. "To live, they frequently feel the need to defend themselves.


Taurus are obstinate and disrespectful. Loftis tells Best Living that they sometimes lack self-awareness and mistakenly reject individuals.


Aries is the first sign and a fire sign. They are dominating and like to control situations. The most inconsiderate zodiac sign, they adore being first and correct. 

Schmidt believes kids won't listen unless you assist them reach their ambitions.
To win their favour, you can stroke their egos, but it may backfire. Aries should slow down and consider others.

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