Most Erratic Zodiac                 Sign

Some people move quickly and erratically. Wile E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner. He and these individuals are always moving, but it's not simply their movements.


Geminis can't slow down with a million thoughts. They're always looking ahead, making commitments difficult.


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Spontaneous Sagittarius prefers to make their own decisions. "They reject the feeling of being limited," says Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and proprietor of Ryan's Astrology.


Avoid Libras for decision-making. Bennet says they continually weigh pros and downsides and switch plans. You'll circle them until you're both frustrated.


Scorpios are masters at switching. Mars, the planet of strife, rules their emotions, making them unstable.

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Moon-ruled people are erratic. Marquardt tells Better Life that the moon goes across the zodiac faster than any other planet: 2.5 days per sign.


Aries is impetuous and passionate. They don't listen to others. Definitely the most chaotic zodiac sign, these lively people.


Water signs are sensitive. They can't control their acts when these deep feelings take over. "Like a tidal wave, they hit, shattering everything in their path

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