Most Depressed Zodiac Signs

A person's zodiac sign may affect their depression. Astrologers believe Neptune, Saturn, Lilith, Ceres, and Pluto can cause depression.


Libras naturally socialize. They are one of the chillest zodiac signs. They're easygoing and rarely depressed. Libras mainly dislike incapacity to control.

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Leos are calm like Libras. Their laid-back attitude and reputation as the zodiac sign's monarch support that. They're lively. People like partying with them.


Most Sagittarius prefer alone. As loneliness can cause melancholy, a Sagittarius is just one experience of loneliness away from despair.


This sign's natives are emotional. It's nice that they're attentive to others' feelings. This can lead to self-destruction.

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Scorpios concentrate too long on past traumas. Their enthusiasm and intensity make emotional stress wear them out.


Earth signs like Capricorns are naturally peaceful. They'll survive trauma. This may be Capricorn's downfall. 

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Taureans are determined. Earth indications should expect this. Nonetheless, this sense of accomplishment might become harmful in some situations.


Fun-loving Geminis are adventurous. This zodiac sign is unlikely to be depressed. Not so. Geminis struggle with emotions despite their transient nature.

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