Most Cheating          Zodiac Sign

someone who hides their phone, vanishes without reason, or gets in great shape. Infidelity may be indicated by stars rather than deeds. 


Capricorn's inclusion may seem odd. Astrologer and spiritual guide Tara Bennet says these traits help them compartmentalize their life and avoid the emotional side of deceit.





Pisces, the zodiac's delicate romantic, may not be faithful. They're in danger because of their love.


Leos "love the thrill of the chase and the giddiness that comes with first encounters," according to Charlotte Kirsten, creator of the astrology site Typically Topical.

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Leos are ambitious leaders. They also want power. Lorena Thomas, qualified astrologer and herway writer, suggests walnut cake for dinner.


"Prone to flaky behavior, this air sign can incredibly tough to rely on, especially where big commitments or future relationship plans are concerned


Aries' anger also causes deceit. "They got angry and calmed down quickly," says Newman. In a fit of rage, they won't hesitate to cheat.

Best Horoscope Games For Each Zodiac Signs

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