Moodiest Zodiac Signs

Want to know how your zodiac sign feels? Welcome. We evaluated the indicators from least to most emotional and explained why. Learn how each sign handles emotions.


Virgos rarely express their emotions. They work through their issues inside and use good coping techniques.

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Aquarians seem uncaring and unfeeling. Aquarians may even deny having emotions. Logical natives. They brainstorm rather than follow their intuition.


Like Virgo, Sagittarius can identify, control, and manage their emotions. Sagittarius requires someone to talk to about their emotions, unlike Virgo.


Leos are highly emotional, but they may control their emotions by disguising, stillness, and sometimes harshness.

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Capricorn tries to be Virgo—steadfast, quiet, and self-sufficient—but fails. These natives want to succeed in their careers, be solid partners, and caring parents.


Taurus is hard to rank emotionally. They can hide their feelings well. They never have public tantrums. 

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We believe Scorpios have excellent emotional intelligence (EQ) and intuition. Though less expressive than water signs, these inhabitants govern their thoughts and emotions.


Libra, who balances the scales, will fight themselves to avoid showing emotion. They rarely yell or have meltdowns, but they do self-destruct, hide, and behave manic, not needing to eat or sleep.

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