Midwestern Classics Tonight

From gooey butter cake to "slinger," America's Heartland boasts several famous dishes. Detroit-style pizza is even considered superior than New York's!

The Midwest has many of the nation's top beef-producing states, therefore its burgers are great. Smashed burgers are thick patties hammered flat. 

Smashed Burger

A sprint through the garden" is how Chicagoans describe the hot dog. The original frankfurter has several toppings, and fans are fussy about their order.

Chicago-Style Hot Dog

Buckeye nuts are as lucky as four-leaf clovers and rabbit's feet. Ohio natives felt the spherical dark nut with the light brown patch resembled a deer's eye. "Hetuck" means "buckeye.


Hotdish—unofficial Minnesota's state food—combines carbohydrate, protein, and vegetables with a creamy sauce in a baking dish. Minnesota takes this seriously. 


n the 1930s, a German baker in St. Louis mismeasured ingredients and made a coffee cake that tasted like pudding. This cake is gooey, despite other reports. 

Gooey Buttercake

Banana-orange jelly cake
Sweet or savoury Midwestern Jell-O salad. In potluck meal lines, this dish jiggles with fruit, marshmallows, whipped cream, almonds, fish, and veggies.

Jello Salad

Every pizza is excellent. In 2019, Esquire called Detroit-style pizza "crispy, cheesy, greasy bliss."

Detroit-Style Pizza

Slinger serves chilli with American cheese and raw onion if the hash browns, over-easy eggs, and sausage patties aren't enough. St. Louis has both greasy spoon and elegant versions with toast.


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