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Everyone has poisonous friends. Just occurs. Sometimes we don't realize we have a poisonous relationship and don't quit the friendship.

Aries are natural leaders and need followers. Even if they're wrong, they're self-centered and impetuous, so they fight back. Aries tempers require extreme patience.





Taurus is trustworthy but judgemental. If you tell a Taurus they damaged your feelings, they're too obstinate to admit it. 


Gemini is proud and energetic. They're exciting buddies since they're always doing something fresh. They can bring you down by trying to outdo you.


Cancer is a loyal buddy who will listen to your problems, commend you, and support you. However, their overprotectiveness can make you feel like a child.


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Leos are unexpectedly devoted and supportive friends. They are domineering and have large egos like Aries.


Virgos are the know-it-all friend. If you deviate from timetables and organization, they'll be upset. Virgos insist on their way.


Libras are pretentious and superficial yet love diplomacy and hospitality. Libras demand a lot from their companions.


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