Handles Severe Stress

How Your Zodiac Sign

Daily routines can cause anxiety and distress. Several things can trigger it, and we all have ways of dealing the stress so we don't slide off the edge.

Enthusiastic Aries. They throw themselves into work. They might be short-tempered, so utilizing all that energy for some chores makes them frustrated at not getting things done.





If they fail to complete a task, they get frustrated and replay it in their heads, trying to figure out what went wrong and how to correct it.


Active but restless Geminis respond quickly to little annoyances. They're restless, so not doing anything worries them out.


Cancers are devoted but self-pitying. Cancers don't show it, but they're stressed out by criticism, yelling, or being ignored.


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Virgos are the most analytical and skeptical signs. Like Taurus, they worry about things they can't fix. Analyzing the positive is the best approach.


Libras' idealism and fairness can be stressful. When they see injustice, they can stew or lash out, which stresses them out further.


Scorpios hide their emotions. They prefer seclusion to work aggressively. Hence, most social settings stress them.


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