Sign Affects Love

How Your Rising 

Most people know their zodiac sign, but your rising sign may reveal your romantic behavior and compatibility.

Aries Risings are leaders, therefore when it comes to dating, they want to take charge. "Aries' flirting approach is aggressive, brash, and straight to the point.

Aries Rising




Taurus risings are generous partners. They enjoy getting to know someone carefully before diving in.

Taurus Rising

Gemini risings are extroverted and casual about dating. "Their flirting style is playful and cheeky," O'Neill says. 

Gemini Rising

Friendship works best for sweet and sentimental Cancer rising," O'Neill says. "They want a straightforward, trustworthy partner.

Cancer Rising

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O'Neill calls Leo rising's flirtation sweet, amusing, and dramatic. They like dating someone they can't quite figure out and taking the lead.

Leo Rising

Practical and analytical Virgo risings approach dating rationally. "Virgo risings flirt coolly. "You won't know they're flirting until they ask you out," says O'Neill.

Virgo Rising

Libra risings are outgoing, effervescent, and enjoyable, always knowing what to say to get a second date. 

Libra Rising

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