How Much Sleep Your Zodiac Sign Needs

You subconsciously think sleeping is pointless. Sleeping wastes so much time. Work, exercise, creativity, and enjoyment fill your calendar.



You believe you need a lot of sleep, but not just any sleep—you need terrific sleep in a luxury bed with 10 fluffy pillows. 



You need average sleep. Reading, texting, and posting on social media keep you up late. You forget the time since you're so focused.

You think you need a lot of sleep to handle your constant emotional turmoil. You want to dream about your ex and fix what went wrong. 


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You take a lot of naps since you're busy but require a lot of sleep. If you spent a night of partying or didn't get enough sleep, you may take a disco nap or catch-up nap.


You value sleep since you realize it's important for health. For a week, you'll be unhappy with a soft or firm mattress. 


When you're inconsistent about sleep, it's hard to say how much you require each night. You might watch YouTube all night one night and go to bed at 10 the next. 


You need 8 hours + weekend naps. You get up early yet get a lot done. Sleep deprivation makes you grumpy.

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