How He Leads You On, Based On His Zodiac Sign

He always leaves or has a plan for something you can do together when you ask him where he sees your relationship going.



He keeps saying he's not ready or isn't sure you're the one he can commit to. You can ask Taurean to pledge faster, even though he takes a long time.



He's the ideal boyfriend—always texting, chatting, and hanging out with you and your pals.

You like his honesty. You think he'd only tell you his darkest feelings if he loved you, but you're wrong.


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When he pays attention to you, everything seems light and sunny. He might not marry you. He needs lots of peers and socialization.


He'll fix any problem, but he's hesitant to discuss major issues. He loves you, right? Guys keep girls intrigued by sending mixed signals, so find out why.


You think he wants a future with you because he's always flirty and appreciative. Sadly, Scorpios are flirtatious, enigmatic, and sexy.


He's fun, but when things get serious, he leaves. He may make it plain he doesn't want a committed partnership. If you want more, you'll have to look elsewhere.

Best Horoscope Games For Each Zodiac Signs

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