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His Zodiac Sign's 

Whether frightened or bashful, we all act differently. If your partner seems distant or chilly, you don't know whether he hates you, likes you, or is undecided.

If your Aries guy gives you money, attention, and love, he likes you. If he's concentrating on you, it's a good indication. Aries men adore the chase and many partners.





Taurus men don't offer presents, but they give their whole attention and listen. In months or years, he'll realize he likes you, and his love for you will only grow.


Words show a Gemini man's interest. He'll leave you phone messages, send you sweet texts and emails, and share his favorite poems.


A Cancer guy who introduces you to his family loves you. If you attend his family's supper, you're in. He wants to see how you fit into his family.


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If a Leo guy likes you, he'll initiate plans. If he travels to visit you, he's intrigued.


A Virgo guy likes to praise and encourage you because he feels good when he does. He will help them succeed.


When a Libra guy becomes connected to you and spends a lot of time with you, you'll know he's interested. Libras love connection, and he'll work to strengthen yours.


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