Make Him Love You

How His Zodiac Sign Might 

We all need love advice sometimes. Even if you're gorgeous, you may need help winning the guy you desire.

Aries don't want to reveal everything. Be discreet. Give Aries a challenge—they adore the chase. They admire bright ladies and will love your conversation.





Venus rules Taurus males, who adore fine food, attractiveness, and sensual things. Tauruses enjoy money. Your hair and shoes must be perfect. Compliment their taste.


The Gemini man's dual personality makes him challenging. Geminis are legendary ghosters—one minute they're letting you open your heart, the next they're gone.


You'll adore a Cancer guy forever if you can make them love you. Cancer guys love with all their heart. Give a Cancer guy control over your relationship to avoid scaring him off.


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Leos generally have pals, therefore you must be prepared to share his attention. Don't become a diva for Leo guys. Leos crave support, not competition.


Virgo men are perfectionists, so you don't have to be flawless, but you should seem put together. Virgo men like independent, smart, insightful, forceful, hard-working women. 


To win a Libra's heart, think like one. Libras want affection, thus praises are often welcomed. Keep telling them their greatness.


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