Highest-Ranked American Beverages

American drinks are as varied and as vast as the country. From Coca-Cola to Tennessee Whiskey, Kool-aid to a Dirty Martini, America is the birthplace of iconic cocktails, sodas and liqueurs.

In California, try syrah, a favorite American drink.California and Washington produce robust, full-bodied Syrah, or Shiraz.


American red wine Flat lay composition with pitcher, glasses of red wine, and corkscrew on wooden background: classic winemaking and tasting theme.


Winter cocktails include bourbon, orange juice, cinnamon, and star anise.Bourbon, like scotch, is an American whiskey.

Bourbon cocktail

Southern Comfort is a southern drink.Southern Comfort, a fruity-spiced whiskey liqueur, is a classic American drink.


American takes three whiskey shots on white background over gray floor.Tennessee Whiskey is a southern drink to try.Tennessee whiskey must undergo the Lincoln County Procedure before aging.

Tennessee Whiskey

American whisky glass Whiskey on the rocks on white.Rye whiskey has been around since Prohibition.
Rye whiskey became popular in northeastern states like Pennsylvania and Maryland in the late 18th and early 19th century.


American whiskey in white glass.Many varieties of American whiskey are popular.Corn whiskey and moonshine are similar.


In the early 1980s, Californians began selling homemade wine coolers. Wine coolers are low-alcohol beverages made from wine, fruit juice, carbonated soda, and sugar.

Wine cooler

American whiskey sour with eggshell. The whiskey sour is an American classic from the 19th century.


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