Every State's Favorite Drink

Soda isn't the healthiest. Energy and fruit juice are also bad. If you believe in "everything in moderation," you may sometimes drink a sweetened beverage.

Dr Pepper

Alabama loves Dr Pepper (yep, without the period). Texas invented this drink, which Alabamans now claim. Waco, Texas's pharmacist created the cinnamon-flavored soda in 1885.


Red Bull

The Last Frontier's most popular drink isn't soda! Alaskans adore Red Bull's coconut berry and tropical tastes.

Mountain Dew

Massachusettians adore "doing the Dew." We hope every can provides delight like this 2015 Super Bowl Mountain Dew Kickstart ad.

Ginger Ale

Ginger ale, the go-to remedy for stomachaches, really hits the mark. Arkansas citizens are in the know!

Cream Soda

Californians are right about Barq's or homemade cream soda. Vanilla cream soda tastes well with any summer cuisine.


Sweet Tea

Sweet tea is not a Southern delicacy just! Additionally, Coloradans want this summery beverage.


Arizona invented Squirt, but Connecticut loves it. The caffeine-free, citrus-flavored beverage resembles Sprite.

Diet Coke

Classic drinks cool Hawaii locals! Diet Coke is the most-searched beverage in numerous states since it's a soda staple.

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