Air Frying Bacon Correctly

Breakfast bacon may be the finest scent in the world. The scent alone may evoke a lazy Sunday morning spent eating a huge meal, reading your favourite book, and drinking coffee.

Preheat your air fryer and halve the bacon

Preheat your air fryer to 350 degrees first. Bacon cooks best at this temperature since anything hotter would burn the fat and oil, causing smoke.

Add bacon and adjust consistency

After cutting the bacon in half and preheating the air fryer, cook. How long you cook bacon depends on your air fryer, bacon thickness.


Air-fry bacon for 5–6 minutes for chewier bacon.

Check your bacon after five minutes if you want it chewier and not crisp. I checked mine and added a minute since it required extra time. 

8–9 minutes bacon is crispier

For crispy bacon, add a couple minutes. Bacon burns rapidly, so watch it. My air fryer crisps best around eight to nine minutes.

When air-frying bacon, note how much you need to create. Air fryer bacon is wonderful for one or two people, but cooking in batches makes it slow for more. I'd use the oven now.

Your air fryer may make popping or hissing sounds when frying bacon. Keep an eye on it—normal. it's After cooking, enjoy your bacon strips with eggs, toast, and coffee.

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