Astrologers' Calmest Zodiac Sign

Even under stressful situations, some people remain calm. These laid-back people definitely know how to chill. 

Cancers avoid conflict by maintaining peace. . "They love nothing more than enjoying the zen they make about themselves and will crawl into their shell.


Happy mature lady gathering apples in the orchard.
They avoid drama, controversy at all costs.


Leos love the spotlight, but they don't allow anyone steal their thunder. Leos are "carefree and act a bit childishly" because they "know when to have fun.


Aquarians are self-absorbed. "Ability to readily disconnect from expectations and realities" keeps the sign calm, according to DeGolia.


Emotional Pisces attempt to seem compassionate to get favour. The gentle water sign enjoys socialising and seeing the best in others. 


Geminis can handle everything. Geminis' entertaining stories make them great party guests. 


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